skeleton with shoe

1. Be mindful during transitions such as walking up and down stairs and getting in and out of your car.

2. Wear sensible shoes with good traction. (luckily shoe stores like Footwear Etc. carry sensible shoes that are stylish too!


3. When walking, look down with your eyes only. Don’t tilt your head down as it will alter your balance and increase your chances of falling.


4. Take your time and don’t rush, especially if you’re dealing with winter snow and ice.

5. Keep exercise a consistent part of your life. Strong muscles in your legs and core can help you regain your balance if you lose it momentarily and strong arms can help you decelerate and cushion a fall should you take a tumble.


6. Remember that it is far easier and more fun to prevent a fall than it is to recover from a broken bone. Practicing BoneSmart Pilates®  for 15 minutes three times per week can help you prevent an accident that could take you years to recover from, and could reduce your quality of life permanently.

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