If you’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia you’re probably searching for answers to guide you through the fog. My specialization is in exercise to promote bone health which is just one important spoke on the bone health wheel.  Of course there are several other spokes – and navigating those can be perplexing.

To get a clear picture and understand the other spokes of this wheel, I highly recommend the book  “The Whole-Body Approach To Osteoporosis” – which is written by Dr. Keith McCormick, a chiropractor who is both a former Olympian and a current triathlete.

Diagnosed with osteoporosis at age 45, he suffered twelve fragility fractures over the next five years. Unable to find a manual to inform him how to best cope with his condition, he took on the task of creating one himself.  Dr. McCormick’s goals in writing the book were to create a user-friendly manual to empower readers to take charge of their own bone health. The result is a comprehensive description of the whole-body wellness required for skeletal health, built on his many years of research.

With the diagnoses of osteoporosis exploding as our boomer population ages, control of this disease requires more than reflexive prescribing of osteoporosis medications and calcium supplements. Topics in the book include a clear description of what leads to osteoporosis, how to evaluate the severity of your osteoporosis, dietary and nutritional recommendations for good bone health, the importance of controlling inflammation, the importance of (and how to attain) a healthy digestive system, hormonal balance, environmental toxins, and the importance of exercise.

To make it easy to incorporate his suggestions into your busy life, Dr. McCormick created a line of quality nutritional supplements, Osteonaturals, which promote skeletal health.  I can’t speak personally to the supplements but I read a recent thread on an online osteoporosis discussion board that I frequent and there was strong positive sentiment for both Dr. McCormick’s character as well as the efficacy of his Osteonaturals supplement line.  Several people noted improved blood markers as a result of using his products.  You can learn more at www.osteonaturals.com and you can buy his book here.

In addition, if you would like to understand more about the science behind bone loss and supplementation, watch Dr. McCormick’s 3-part free online video series – beginning with Part 1 . His presentation style is professional and warm, drawing you in and helping you to make sense of all the science. It’s very clear that he has a handle on all this research and genuinely wants to help.

Dr. McCormick is still completing marathons.  In fact, he’ll be challenging Boston’s Heartbreak Hill next month.  That is one more testament to the value of his knowledge and products, not to mention his determination.