About Teresa

As demanding as Pilates can be, Teresa brings out the joy of movement and the fun in trying something challenging.”
-Penelope E.

Teresa is uniquely qualified as a Pilates instructor. A combined total of 30 yrs of Dance, Pilates and Physical Therapy experience informs her integrated approach to the art and science of helping people find ease and joy in movement. A native New Yorker, Teresa toured worldwide for almost a decade as a soloist with the Martha Graham Dance Company of New York City, the oldest and most celebrated contemporary dance company in America. She has been a licensed physical therapist since 1996, earning a Master’s Degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

Pilates Certifications

Teresa holds triple Pilates certifications with the respected:

Pilates With Teresa

In 1999, Teresa founded the now flourishing Pilates program through the School of Medicine’s Health Improvement Program at Stanford University where she continues to be a principal instructor and lecturer.  A teacher of teachers, she is frequently invited to contribute at Pilates conferences such as the Pilates Method Alliance Annual Meeting. Pilates with Teresa, her private practice created in 1999, continues to be a source of pride and accomplishment though she counts her greatest blessings as her two children, Katelyn and Tyler.

Teresa’s Goals:

  • To inspire people to find joy in painfree movement
  • To guide people to age powerfully and gracefully
  • To empower people to reach beyond what they thought was possible

Martha Graham Dancer Benefits From Pilates

Teresa was first introduced to the Pilates method in 1985, when she started studying Pilates to augment her dance training. Teresa explains, “Dance, sports, and life in general is inherently asymmetrical. For instance, a dancer might have to do 8 leaps on the right leg and only 2 on the left. A dental hygienist at work or a golfer may routinely rotate only in one direction. This asymmetrical patterning, done repeatedly, creates muscle imbalances which need to be addressed.” Teresa credits Pilates with addressing those needs and providing her with a relatively injury free dance career.

In 1994 Teresa retired from professional dance, earned her Master’s Degree in PT and began work as a licensed physical therapist in an outpatient orthopedic clinic. She routinely incorporated Pilates exercises into her patients’ rehab programs. This provided overwhelming insight and solid proof of the significant benefits of combining Pilates with physical therapy.

This motivated Teresa to become a certified Pilates practitioner and open her own practice. With Teresa’s unique background, she is able to serve those who desire general conditioning, specific performance enhancement, as well as those with special physical needs.

Pilates for Bone Health

Teresa’s interest in osteoporosis led her to be trained as a representative of American Bone Health. She volunteers her services by conducting community workshops to increase awareness of bone health. She also offers Pilates Teacher Trainings in her unique method: BoneSmart Pilates®. Her method guides instructors of Pilates on how to work with their clients that have low bone density, to keep them safe and strong. Contact her to learn more about hosting a workshop.

More about Teresa’s Dance Background