New Pilates Mat session “Heart of Pilates” beginning in Los Altos Hills taught by Teresa Maldonado Marchok, MPT

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Empower yourself to be in the unaffected 50%

Date: Wednesdays 5/9/12-5/30/12
Time: 1:00-2:00PM
Price: $120 (STAP/EA funds YES)
Stanford University
CSSR-Center for Clinical Sciences Research
Room 4105

“Half of all women over 50 will experience an osteoporosis related fracture in their lifetime” ~ National Osteoporosis Foundation

Secrets to incorporating Pilates into your everyday life!


Pilates with Teresa Mat Classes in Los Altos Hills

This “Heart of Pilates” class, taught by Teresa Maldonado Marchok MPT, begins with a short movement section to increase core temperature and prepare the body for the mat work that follows. Integration of a miniball and resistance band strengthens the core while protecting the spine. Acquire the skills to make immediate postural changes in the way you sit, stand and move. Expect increased tone, flexibility and beneficial crossover to sports like skiing, tennis and golf. Please bring a mat, ball and band. 9” miniballs and bands available for purchase at class for $10 each. 

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Many of my Pilates clients/Physical Therapy patients ask me how to keep their bodies intact and integrate their Pilates practice while on the road traveling for work or pleasure.

Here are my easy tips!
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