Movement is a balm for your spirit and WD 40 for your joints.

All of these workshops are online and available to be watched whenever it’s convenient for you.  When you click to purchase the workshop, we’ll ask you for the email address of the person you want to give the workshop to.

If you know someone who was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia – this workshop is the perfect gift and it’s on sale for $39.95!!  Click here to purchase!

This workshop is online and available to be watched whenever it’s convenient for you.









This workshop is perfect for anyone on your list over 40.   Our balance starts to decline after age 40, and this workshop will share secrets to help you reverse the effects of aging!

Purchase this workshop for just 39.95 here!








NOT a typical Pilates workshop, this workshop is for anyone wanting to add more movement into your life or for movement professionals helping others to foster better habits.   This workshop is perfect for anyone who spends more time sitting than moving. 

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If you know someone with foot pain, plantar fasciitis or bunions — this workshop will be the perfect present!    It’s all about happy feet and keeping your feet healthy!

This workshop is just $24.95 and you can purchase it here!   








Do you ever wonder how the hunchback of Notre Dame got his hump? And do you worry that you are heading toward the same fate?

If you spend too much of your time sitting, driving, doing computer work and/or texting, you just might be.

Or, if you’re a breast cancer survivor experiencing surgical tissue tightness across the front of your shoulders, you might collapse your chest in subconscious protective posturing.

This workshop is on sale for 29.95!

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In response to requests for streaming of my DVD’s, I am so excited to share that we have just launched our streaming offering of all 3 BoneSmart Pilates DVD’s!


link to featured video for April

You asked.   We listened! 

Our new and updated spacious Prop Bundle Bag now holds not only all your BoneSmart Pilates props but also a mat if you have one. Includes a convenient outer pocket for smaller items like toiletries, a book or iPad. You can win one of these terrific bags filled with goodies this month!

To win this prop bag, please forward this email to a friend or acquaintance of yours who might be interested in joining the BoneSmart Pilates® community! Just click below

Prop bag contains

  • 2 half tennis balls for a soothing foot massage,
  • Long resistance band for strengthening and stretching exercises (your choice of light, medium or heavy resistance)
  • Ankle resistance loop to tone your hips and legs (choose from light or medium strength)
  • A bead filled moldable hot/cold pack to soothe aches wherever needed-bundle (bundle valued at $45, mat not included)

BoneSmart Pilates is more than an exercise system. BoneSmart Pilates is a way of life to help you age strong in a supportive community and avoid the common pitfalls encountered with aging.

You will receive one entry in our drawing for every friend that you forward this email to.  We hate spam as much as you and we promise we do not share or sell our email list.

As a professional dancer in NYC with Martha Graham, Pilates was the buzzword for injury prevention and building functional strength and core stability. Taking a recommendation from friends, I sought out training with one of the Pilates elders “Robert Fitzgerald”.  It was 1989, a hot, humid day. His studio, also his living quarters, was on the upper west side of Manhattan. As I entered the studio with all this Pilates equipment that resembled torture devices, I was greeted with Robert’s warm smile and embrace.

I will never forget my first time doing leg circles on the Reformer and thinking  A) how good it felt, and B) how much it replicated a certain move we do in dance. I discovered so many similarities between Pilates exercises and the Martha Graham technique, which is the core vocabulary of the Martha Graham Dance company. It helped me avoid injury and definitely improved my performance.  I took class with Robert regularly and at any given session, he’d have 4-5 people there, many of them luminaries from theater and dance, entering at different times overlapping each other. We all knew our warm ups and he’d offer suggestions and corrections as he supervised our workouts. We were very independent.  I felt stronger than ever!

Rozz came to me with very kyphotic posture and a desire to not follow in her mother’s mold. Her determination has paid off. Watch her 30 second clip. She’s made dramatic improvements with strength and postural mindfulness. Way to go Rozz!

This DVD, created by a physical therapist, addresses exercise that targets common areas of decline as we age. It moves a a faster pace than its precursor, “BoneSmart Pilates®: Exercise to Prevent or Reverse Osteoporosis”. It is a perfect gift for yourself or someone you know that wants to age with strength and grace. Though challenging, it is safe for those with special conditions as well as osteopenia or osteoporosis. Bonus Posture Segment demonstrates how to achieve ideal sitting posture with ease.

Are there times when you’re following along with one of my DVD’s and you aren’t sure you’re doing the exercise correctly?  Or perhaps you aren’t “feeling” the exercise as much as you want to?  Skype Sessions are the answer!  I’ve been teaching them to students who live outside of my region and want a little extra support. It’s a great solution. If you’d like to schedule a Skype Session, just email me!

Why do I sell Pilates Prop Bundles to accompany my DVD’s?  Besides adding fun and variety to your workouts, they have distinct roles. Props provide “assistance” to make difficult exercises, attainable. They provide “resistance” necessary to build muscle and bone strength. The oval myofascial release ball and the 1/2 tennis balls provide stimulation to different areas of your body improving muscle relaxation and blood circulation. The bands in the Aging Strong bundle progress in resistance so when you find that the light resistance band is easy, you progress to the medium band and so on.  The bands are low powder, low latex to reduce sensitivities.  If you were to start with a band of your own that is too strong for a particular exercise, you might get discouraged and think you’re not doing something right. All the props are of the highest quality and selected to support you on your journey to age strong!

mccormickIf you think osteoporosis is an old lady’s disease or that men don’t get it, think again. Meet Keith McCormick, who will not only shatter those misconceptions but will enlighten you on treatment options that don’t rely on big pharma.  In a recent conversation with Dr. Keith McCormick, a chiropractic physician and author of The Whole Body Approach to Osteoporosis, we spoke about the importance of addressing health as a triad – physical, nutritional and emotional – whether it is helping patients maintain good health or working with them to overcome a chronic disease, like osteoporosis. “Osteoporosis is not just the weakening of bones; it is a weakening of the body’s entire physiology,” Keith explained. “When you have a chronic disease, you have to treat your whole body.”

Overcoming a chronic disease is exactly what Dr. McCormick did. In between getting his degree in Human Biology at Stanford University and going to Chiropractic school, he competed in elite triathlon competitions including the Ironman Triathlon World Championships and was chosen to participate on the 1976 U.S.A. Olympic Team in Montreal, Canada. He maintained his fitness into adulthood and then sustained 12 fractures in a short 5-year period after he was diagnosed with osteoporosis at the age of 45. He immersed himself in the study of osteoporosis and – using the triad approach – went on to find ways to fight it and recover to the point where he could once again compete in triathlon competitions including the World Championships in Hawaii. His story of recovery is truly remarkable, he is the epitome of resilience and aging strong. I would recommend reading his book and checking out his web site,

Exercise such as my BoneSmart Pilates® program, can be most successful when we provide the body with all the nutrients necessary for building good strong bone tissue. That only makes sense, and Dr. McCormick has addressed this need through his OsteoNaturals’ nutritional supplements that he formulated specific to improving bone health.

The thing I like about Keith is that when I read through his blogs he really drives home the foundation of good bone health: good diet, healthy life-style choices, exercise and taking steps to promote healthy gut function. He sees bone health through a unique prism that I rarely see in doctors when they treat osteoporosis. Just reading about some of his amazing adventures on his blog also shows that he values the emotional part of the health triad. Having a positive outlook and engaging in life to its fullest, in addition to exercise and nutrition, is truly important for bone and overall good health.

waterboottleIt’s cold and flu season.    Are you worried about germs?   We are too!  At Pilates with Teresa we want you to experience an enjoyable session and not be concerned about the germs that might be left over from the last person!  We make sure to wipe down all equipment that you will touch with our plant based non toxic surface cleaner!

Wondering what we use as a cleaning solution?  We have done research and created a cleaning solution that smells wonderful and keeps surfaces clean and safe!

recipe for cleaning solutions