Cultivate your strength and balance in under 3 minutes with this new fun and challenging standing kitchen counter series. Ā Try it first without the resistance band, and when comfortable, add the resistance loop for greater challenge. Ā Safe for those with back issues and osteoporosis. If you don’t have a loop, tie a resistance band around your thighs.

You wouldn’t believe how many times I hear – I just don’t have time to get to a fitness class as often as I want to. Ā  Ā  Here’s a quick workout that you can do in your kitchen. Ā  It’s a short, time efficient standing workout you can do in your kitchen between latte’s! This workout targets hip and leg strength, core, flexibility and balance – great for when you’re tight on time and want a quick fix! Ā  Let me know how you like it!

Teresa shares an effective low back exercise that was a big hit at the east coast conference where she presented.



While we are out walking, our hips and knees can often cause us some trouble.

Often all we need to do is spend a little time and attention to align and tone everything.

Here is Pilates in the Park, hips and knees sequence, part 1

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In the first episode of T’s Moments Teresa shows you 4 great things you can do with the Half-Tennis Balls in the Bonesmart PilatesĀ®Ā Prop Bundle.

Three of these things are not on the BoneSmart PilatesĀ®Ā DVD – in fact they have not been demonstrated publicly by Teresa anywhere else before.

One of these tricks will help you right now while you are sitting in front of your computer!