This DVD, created by a physical therapist, addresses exercise that targets common areas of decline as we age. It moves a a faster pace than its precursor, “BoneSmart PilatesĀ®: Exercise to Prevent or Reverse Osteoporosis”. It is a perfect gift for yourself or someone you know that wants to age with strength and grace. Though challenging, it is safe for those with special conditions as well as osteopenia or osteoporosis. Bonus Posture Segment demonstrates how to achieve ideal sitting posture with ease.

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6.Ā  When walking, look down with your eyes only. Don’t tilt your head down as it will alter your balance and increase your chances of falling. Ā Look down with your head and you may go splat.


5. Ā Wear sensible shoes with good traction. That doesn’t have to mean ugly, luckily shoe stores like Footwear Etc. carry sensible shoes that are stylish too!


4. Take your time, be mindful and donā€™t rush, especially if youā€™re dealing with winter snow and ice.


3. Keep exercise a consistent part of your life. Strong muscles in your legs and core can help you regain your balance if you lose it momentarily and strong arms can help you decelerate and cushion a fall should you take a tumble. Self foot massage with a half tennis ball, is safer than a full ball and improvesĀ circulation, proprioception and because of increased spacial awareness, improves balance.


2. Remember that it is far easier and more fun to prevent a fall than it is to recover from a broken bone. Practicing BoneSmart PilatesĀ® Ā for 15 minutes three times per week can help you prevent an accident that could take you years to recover from, and could reduce your quality of life permanently.


1. Top tip: Always use handrails! Ā This year I ruptured my rotator cuff for not doing so on icy steps in NY. My daughter broke a bone this summer falling downs stairs in our home because our handrail was missingĀ due to renovations.




Falling can happen to anyone.Ā  Ā  I fell on some icy steps in 2015, and shared this video, so you could see how I worked out 1 week after surgery, with one arm that basically didn’t move!

Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā Ā Click here or on the photo to see what Teresa can and can’t do 1 week post surgery.

Teresa fell HARD on icy steps in NY. Though her bones are healthy and remained intact, she sustained a full rupture of a rotator cuff tendon,Ā one of the key players that stabilizes the arm bone in its socket.

So you know that she “walks her talk”,Ā this video clip gives you a sneak peek into what she can and can’t do 1 wk after rotator cuff surgical repair. Ā Ā Even with her shoulder out of commission,Ā the versatility of PilatesĀ allows her to stay strong and agile providing healing circulation and feel good endorphin release to all parts of her body. Ā Ā She’ll also let you in on the little she can do with her arm out of her sling.

Can you guess her secret to maintaining sanity in the middle of her sleepless nights? Ā Watch the end to find out!

See what Teresa can and can’t do one week after surgery



With 55Ā people in attendance and a long wait list, Teresa shared her key secrets to Aging Strong andĀ included plenty of science, practical demonstrations from volunteers in the audience and a rousing dance that got everybody up and moving. “It was both helpful and fun, I brought 5 friends and they all raved about it!” Ā ~Katy D. “YourĀ presentation was great-like Live Dr. Radio!”Ā Ā ~Mercy F. “IĀ am shocked how slumped I was sitting & immediately am sitting straighter”Ā ~Elayne M. See aĀ Sneak Peak of Aging Strong in Action IMG_1860

Dr. Keith McCormick connected with me recently as a health care professional who also specializes in osteoporosis. I sent Dr. McCormick a copy of the BoneSmart PilatesĀ® DVD and and asked him to let me know what he thought. He was thrilled to find: ā€œā€¦exactly what I have been looking for for my patients with osteoporosisā€¦this DVD will help you to tone your muscles, keep your joints supple, and stimulate bone strengthening..all while having funā€¦It is the best exercise video for people with osteoporosis that I have seen.ā€

Read Dr. McCormick’s full review of the BoneSmart PilatesĀ® DVD on his website here.


I had the recent pleasure of being interviewed by Dr. Susan Brown, via live video “Google Hangout”, about my BoneSmart PilatesĀ® method. Ā  Dr. Brown, located in upstate New York, is an expert in the field of natural remedies and proactive treatments for osteoporosisĀ and she endorses the BoneSmart PilatesĀ® DVD and Method.

View the Hangout HereĀ or click on the image below

Click toĀ learn more about Dr. Brown



The BoneSmart PilatesĀ® Youtube channel was created for women with low bone density as well as those with healthy bones that want to keep them that way!Ā  Who are you?Ā  You are in the best and last third of your life and you are ready to commit to a healthier you. Subscribe to this channel to receive free helpful clips that support you in living the life you want.

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