Falling can happen to anyone.    I fell on some icy steps in 2015, and shared this video, so you could see how I worked out 1 week after surgery, with one arm that basically didn’t move!

            Click here or on the photo to see what Teresa can and can’t do 1 week post surgery.

Teresa fell HARD on icy steps in NY. Though her bones are healthy and remained intact, she sustained a full rupture of a rotator cuff tendon, one of the key players that stabilizes the arm bone in its socket.

So you know that she “walks her talk”, this video clip gives you a sneak peek into what she can and can’t do 1 wk after rotator cuff surgical repair.   Even with her shoulder out of commission, the versatility of Pilates allows her to stay strong and agile providing healing circulation and feel good endorphin release to all parts of her body.   She’ll also let you in on the little she can do with her arm out of her sling.

Can you guess her secret to maintaining sanity in the middle of her sleepless nights?  Watch the end to find out!

See what Teresa can and can’t do one week after surgery



Dr. Keith McCormick connected with me recently as a health care professional who also specializes in osteoporosis. I sent Dr. McCormick a copy of the BoneSmart Pilates® DVD and and asked him to let me know what he thought. He was thrilled to find: “…exactly what I have been looking for for my patients with osteoporosis…this DVD will help you to tone your muscles, keep your joints supple, and stimulate bone strengthening..all while having fun…It is the best exercise video for people with osteoporosis that I have seen.”

Read Dr. McCormick’s full review of the BoneSmart Pilates® DVD on his website here.



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