If you’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia you’re probably searching for answers to guide you through the fog. My¬†specialization is in exercise to promote bone health¬†which is¬†just one important spoke on the bone health wheel.¬† Of course there are several other spokes ‚Äď and navigating those can be perplexing.

To get a clear picture and understand the other spokes of this wheel, I highly recommend the book ¬†“The Whole-Body Approach To Osteoporosis” ‚Äď which is written by Dr. Keith McCormick, a chiropractor who is both a former Olympian and a current¬†triathlete.

Diagnosed with osteoporosis at age 45, he suffered twelve fragility fractures over the next five years. Unable to find a manual to inform him how to best cope with his condition, he took on the task of creating one himself.  Dr. McCormick’s goals in writing the book were to create a user-friendly manual to empower readers to take charge of their own bone health. The result is a comprehensive description of the whole-body wellness required for skeletal health, built on his many years of research.

With the diagnoses of osteoporosis exploding as our boomer population ages, control of this disease requires more than reflexive prescribing of osteoporosis medications and calcium supplements. Topics in the book include a clear description of what leads to osteoporosis, how to evaluate the severity of your osteoporosis, dietary and nutritional recommendations for good bone health, the importance of controlling inflammation, the importance of (and how to attain) a healthy digestive system, hormonal balance, environmental toxins, and the importance of exercise.

To make it easy to incorporate¬†his suggestions into your busy life, Dr. McCormick created¬†a line of¬†quality nutritional supplements,¬†Osteonaturals, which promote skeletal health.¬† I can’t speak personally to the supplements but I read a recent thread on an online osteoporosis discussion board that I frequent and there was strong positive sentiment for both Dr. McCormick’s character as well as¬†the efficacy of his Osteonaturals supplement line. ¬†Several people noted improved blood markers as a result of using his products.¬† You can learn more at¬†www.osteonaturals.com¬†and you can¬†buy his¬†book here.

In addition, if you would like to understand more about the science behind bone loss and supplementation, watch Dr. McCormick‚Äôs 3-part free online video series – beginning with¬†Part 1¬†. His presentation style is professional and warm, drawing you in and¬†helping you to¬†make sense of all the science. It’s very clear that he has a handle on all this research and genuinely wants to help.

Dr. McCormick is still completing marathons.  In fact, he’ll be challenging Boston’s Heartbreak Hill next month.  That is one more testament to the value of his knowledge and products, not to mention his determination.




The annual Pilates Method Alliance Conference in San Diego, Nov 12-15, is THE big Pilates event for instructors worldwide.

pma teaching-2

I’ve had the honor of presenting workshops and classes¬†at the conference over¬†the last 4 years AND I get the opportunity to learn from luminaries in the field and share their¬†jewels with my clients. ¬†I¬†also get to¬†connect with friends and colleagues from all over the world…There was not a moment in the conference when I was not doing, feeling, breathing and even as you saw in the newsletter photo, “drinking” Pilates!


This coming together of like minded professionals (over 900 attendees this year) rekindles the passion that drew¬†me to Pilates in the first place. ¬†Back in 1989, as a dancer with Martha Graham, I’d heard from other dancers about the benefits of this method. It was in an¬†upper west side Manhattan apt. where I was first introduced to this rich body of work by first generation elder, Robert Fitzgerald. ¬†After my first experience of leg circles on the reformer and swan over the arc on the edge of the cadillac, I was hooked! ¬†I think Joseph Pilates would be proud of the longevity and direction his work has taken.¬†

For the second year in a row, I sold my BoneSmart Pilates¬ģ DVD in the Dyenamic Movement Products booth and helped the creator, Kimberly Dye, demonstrate her Stretch-eze and other sensory products. There’s nothing like witnessing the aha moments when people first try the¬†roll up or teaser in this supportive fascia-like fabric. ¬†Her product is the perfect compliment for your Pilates practice. We’ll be working on a special collaboration in 2015 and will keep you posted!


Just a quick word about the PMA association itself.  All established professions have professional associations. In 2005, the PMA launched the only third party professional Pilates certification exam in the Pilates industry.  The PMA serves the public by validating that a Pilates teacher meets entry level standards for safety and competency. By establishing this professional credential, the PMA put into place one of the primary components required for any established profession.  The PMA also serves its constituents by elevating our profession to high standards, keeping us accountable and providing platforms for quality continuing education.

I am proud to be a PMA association member as well as a PMA certified Pilates teacher and look forward to next year’s conference in Colorado!


I presented¬†BoneSmart Pilates¬ģ to a SOLD OUT crowd of 120 Pilates instructors at the IDEA World Fitness Conference in Anaheim, CA on Aug 17, 2014. I must admit I was terrified when I learned the workshop was full. ¬†My greatest fear was finding myself staring out at the participants¬†and forgetting why I was there or what I was saying, like a deer in headlights.¬†

Gratefully, that did NOT happen and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. ¬†My intention was to share all that I’ve learned from my own research as well as from my wonderful teachers, Sara Meeks and Sherri Betz. ¬†I’m honored to have had such a receptive and engaged¬†group of attendees.

“Your session was a highlight of the convention for me”¬† ¬† ¬† ~Julie T ¬†“

You were engaging, did not give us too much information and it was quite valuable”. ¬†~Lori M

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 8.45.32 PM

Dynamic Stork Therapy

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 8.54.03 PM

Get your triceps On! Experiencing the Stretch-eze for cervical support while working your arms

In the first episode of T’s Moments Teresa shows you 4 great things you can do with the Half-Tennis Balls in the Bonesmart Pilates¬ģ¬†Prop Bundle.

Three of these things are not on the BoneSmart Pilates¬ģ¬†DVD – in fact they have not been demonstrated publicly by Teresa anywhere else before.

One of these tricks will help you right now while you are sitting in front of your computer!

Pilates-wineMost people put on 1-2 pounds over the holidays – that they never lose.

So, it’s not the weight gain that is the problem, it’s the lack of weight loss. Over 5 years, the additive holiday weight gain is 10 pounds – which looks remarkably like the Muffin Top/middle-age spread phenomenon.

The key? Here are some tips to help:

1. Keep Your Stress Down.

Harmful holiday stress can do many things. It causes inflammation, generates a hormone cascade that hinders our ability to metabolize fat, and causes you to make food decisions you wouldn’t normally make.
No one will remember if you were 15 minutes late to the party, didn’t get the holiday cards out, or forgot the cranberries at Thanksgiving dinner.
Swap it all for a deep breath, a smile, and a good laugh (don’t we have our share of laughs in Pilates!) – isn’t that what you ¬†really want people to remember about you, anyhow?

2. Maintain Your Dietary Restrictions.
If you are gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free, or adhere to any of the other numerous dietary restrictions that are common in today’s society, the holidays are not a time to give them up. If your body is intolerant, you’ll be adding fuel to the fire by indulging. Instead? Find an awesome dietary-compliant treat to bring. Your body – and the other guests – will thank you.

3. Use Caloric Averaging.
The conventional wisdom that one bad meal isn’t the end of the world is totally true. Our body isn’t like a cash register that cashes out at the end of every shift. Instead, our physiology is well-equipped to handle periods of overeating, as long as it’s balanced out by undereating.¬†

4. Stay Active.
The old adage in the fitness world is that you can’t out-exercise a bad diet, but activity levels do matter. Studies show that those who become or stay active during the holidays are less likely to gain that one to two pounds to start with. Keep doing your Pilates, walking, hiking, whatever it is that brings you joy.

By following these tips, you’ll burn calories, reduce stress, and improve brain function – the trifecta of wellness for a healthy and happy holiday season.

Happy Thangsgiving and Blessed Holidays!