We will have two separate  offerings running from September through early December 2023.
Aging Strong Pilates® Tuesdays at 10 am PT (in-person at the Foothills Congregational Church in Los Altos and virtual Zoom access) We’ll target alignment, strength, balance, and breath. I’ll ask you to have light hand weights (1-3 lbs) for some upper body and core strengthening.
Standing Strong Pilates – Thursdays at noon PT   Virtual only. This series will include fundamentals of Tai Chi as well as a focus on hip and leg strength, balance, and fall prevention.

Each series is purchased in its entirety vs drop-in. This promotes consistency, community, and results.  Classes are displayed in Pacific Time, and the dates are listed on the registration site. Concerned that you’ll miss some classes? Not a problem as all registrants receive a recording of the class so you can watch it later to catch up or repeat the class for added benefit.


These classes are designed for those of us in the last and best third of our lives. Incorporating the science of aging, the classes are bone safe, spine safe, and joint-friendly.

We challenge our nervous system through fun movement brain games to develop new neural pathways that improve balance, fall response time, and focus.   We work on core, lower and upper body strength, we dance and we practice how to catch ourselves safely if we trip, to help prevent injury.

Accessible for all bodies and all levels, this class is for those who want to move and learn with zero judgment in an environment which promotes  joy, learning and inclusivity.  Expect improved posture, injury prevention, coordination, core strength, flexibility, and balance with crossover benefits to your daily activities.

No prior Pilates experience necessary, just a willingness to learn and have fun. To participate, you must be able to get up and down from a mat safely and independently.  Pandemic Status:    I ask that all participants be fully vaccinated in order to join our Tuesday in-person indoor class.
Following current county guidelines, we will all be masked indoors during this class regardless of being fully vaccinated.

A Hybrid choice is an option!   If you’re still not quite there to come in person, you can take this class through Zoom (or you can mix and match).  I’ve tested the technology in the space and we’re good to go with that option-big screen TV and all.

Register for class as if you’re coming in person.    I’ll send all participants the Zoom link so you’ll have a choice that day how you wish to participate.