Group Virtual Classes

BoneSmart Pilates® Group Virtual Classes

If you have low bone density, weight-bearing exercises are included, and safe mat variations will be offered. Incorporating the science of aging, we challenge our nervous system through fun movement brain games to develop new neural pathways that improve balance, fall response time, and focus. We work on core, lower and upper body strength and we practice how to catch ourselves safely if we trip, to help prevent injury.

We offer quite a variety including Superpowers (strength training with hand weights),  Restorative Pilates, and Bootie Barre, among other classes. For locals that are interested, you can join in-person in any of the above-listed classes. Just email me prior to ensure there is space. Max of 2 in-person participants.

Expect improved posture, injury prevention, coordination, core strength, flexibility, and balance with crossover benefits to your daily sports and activities.  These classes are appropriate for the beginner to the advanced intermediate active ager.  No prior Pilates experience necessary, just a willingness to learn and have fun.

The instructor, Teresa Maldonado Marchok, is a licensed physical therapist, certified Pilates instructor, former professional dancer, and ambassador for American Bone Health.  She believes exercise should be challenging yet fun so bring a flexible mind, open heart and be prepared to laugh!  For more information or questions email:

Our Aging Strong Pilates hybrid Tues/Thur series (in-person and virtual) is back.
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