Give the Gift of Movement!

Movement is a balm for your spirit and WD 40 for your joints.

All of these workshops are online and available to be watched whenever it’s convenient for you.  When you click to purchase the workshop, we’ll ask you for the email address of the person you want to give the workshop to.

If you know someone who was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia – this workshop is the perfect gift and it’s on sale for $39.95!!  Click here to purchase!

This workshop is online and available to be watched whenever it’s convenient for you.









This workshop is perfect for anyone on your list over 40.   Our balance starts to decline after age 40, and this workshop will share secrets to help you reverse the effects of aging!

Purchase this workshop for just 39.95 here!








NOT a typical Pilates workshop, this workshop is for anyone wanting to add more movement into your life or for movement professionals helping others to foster better habits.   This workshop is perfect for anyone who spends more time sitting than moving. 

Click here to purchase this workshop for 39.95.






If you know someone with foot pain, plantar fasciitis or bunions — this workshop will be the perfect present!    It’s all about happy feet and keeping your feet healthy!

This workshop is just $24.95 and you can purchase it here!   








Do you ever wonder how the hunchback of Notre Dame got his hump? And do you worry that you are heading toward the same fate?

If you spend too much of your time sitting, driving, doing computer work and/or texting, you just might be.

Or, if you’re a breast cancer survivor experiencing surgical tissue tightness across the front of your shoulders, you might collapse your chest in subconscious protective posturing.

This workshop is on sale for 29.95!

Click here to purchase for a friend or relative!