Is Anti-Aging Marketing a bunch of BS?

Yes, I said it. I believe all this marketing about anti-aging is just a bunch of BS.   If we’re not aging, we’re dead. We’re all aging, so why not embrace it?  The question is, HOW do you want to age?

I believe in Empowered Aging 

Empowered aging is about being:
💥 Bold,
🤩 Audacious,
💃🏻 Adventurous,
💪 Strong,
🙌 Confident,
👄 Sexy at Every Age!

Empowered Aging is for the woman who knows the best is yet to come and the time is now to step into your power.

Empowered Aging is for the woman who isn’t interested in the old paradigm of needing to look, feel, act or speak a certain way to make others more comfortable.

So how do we manifest this?   We take care of the pillars that keep us healthy.

  • Getting enough sleep.
  • Connecting with others and finding your purpose.
  • Getting proper nutrition that supports your body and brain.
  • Learning something new every day
  • And my specialty, incorporating mindful movement into your daily routine.

So, whether you’re 45 or 85 or anywhere in between, I invite you to join me in shifting the paradigm around aging from the Anti-Aging bullsh*t to women embracing the next chapter and feeling powerful in whatever lies ahead.  I created the BoneSmart Pilates® Method with you in mind.   Though what I teach may look and feel like exercise, it’s so much more.



I teach movement skills that enhance your quality of life, injury prevention, and support you in aging strong.    As an example, I teach and reinforce hip hinging technique in all my classes.  This is a spine sparing technique that keeps you safe and strong particularly if you have compromised discs or bones. My goal is to have you own the principles and techniques I teach you in class, so you can apply them during your daily activities.

My classes offer you a solid movement foundation and provide you with connection to other like-minded empowered women. Then you are responsible for applying what you’ve learned as you move through life outside of my class.

I have had many people tell me they heard my voice cueing their shoulders when they were putting dishes in a high shelf, or putting their luggage into the overhead compartment of a plane. They would “hear me” cueing their alignment when they were kayaking or lifting those ubiquitous Amazon boxes.  I love that!  I’m happy to serve as your secret elf voice urging you on with clarity, precision, and breath.

A great way to get introduced to my technique is through either my On-Demand BoneSmart Movement Library or my BoneSmart Bursts™.

People love the wide variety of my On-Demand BoneSmart Movement Library which has over three hundred 30 and 60 minute classes plus bonus content. You can move at your own pace at a time of day that fit your schedule.

The BoneSmart Bursts™ are best described as 5-10 minute surprise gift packages of curated movement for the active ager that lands in your inbox 3x/week.  The style of movement and whether you use props or not is always a surprise.  Adaptations are offered so it’s accessible and beginner friendly. Best of all, it’s designed by a licensed PT so the exercises are backed by science.





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  1. Cynthia
    Cynthia says:

    Happy New Year, Teresa!
    Thank you for the wise words.
    Best wishes for a smooth surgery and speedy recovery.

  2. Jerry Johnson
    Jerry Johnson says:

    I’m praying for a successful surgery tomorrow, and a quick and easy recovery! May your body be better than ever! Please listen to your own wise words about sleep, food, and movement.

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