The annual Pilates Method Alliance Conference in San Diego, Nov 12-15, is THE big Pilates event for instructors worldwide.

pma teaching-2

I’ve had the honor of presenting workshops and classes at the conference over the last 4 years AND I get the opportunity to learn from luminaries in the field and share their jewels with my clients.  I also get to connect with friends and colleagues from all over the world…There was not a moment in the conference when I was not doing, feeling, breathing and even as you saw in the newsletter photo, “drinking” Pilates!


This coming together of like minded professionals (over 900 attendees this year) rekindles the passion that drew me to Pilates in the first place.  Back in 1989, as a dancer with Martha Graham, I’d heard from other dancers about the benefits of this method. It was in an upper west side Manhattan apt. where I was first introduced to this rich body of work by first generation elder, Robert Fitzgerald.  After my first experience of leg circles on the reformer and swan over the arc on the edge of the cadillac, I was hooked!  I think Joseph Pilates would be proud of the longevity and direction his work has taken. 

For the second year in a row, I sold my BoneSmart Pilates® DVD in the Dyenamic Movement Products booth and helped the creator, Kimberly Dye, demonstrate her Stretch-eze and other sensory products. There’s nothing like witnessing the aha moments when people first try the roll up or teaser in this supportive fascia-like fabric.  Her product is the perfect compliment for your Pilates practice. We’ll be working on a special collaboration in 2015 and will keep you posted!


Just a quick word about the PMA association itself.  All established professions have professional associations. In 2005, the PMA launched the only third party professional Pilates certification exam in the Pilates industry.  The PMA serves the public by validating that a Pilates teacher meets entry level standards for safety and competency. By establishing this professional credential, the PMA put into place one of the primary components required for any established profession.  The PMA also serves its constituents by elevating our profession to high standards, keeping us accountable and providing platforms for quality continuing education.

I am proud to be a PMA association member as well as a PMA certified Pilates teacher and look forward to next year’s conference in Colorado!